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My size jersey offers the best selection of custom and team jersey to clients in any size, name, and number. We can provide jerseys from your favorite professional team, High School, College, Custom, pick up or movie jerseys. We also do custom designs with not set up fees or minimum orders with worldwide shipping. We have been providing great service and products to our clients for our 15 years here on the web.

We provide custom split jerseys upon request. Two teams or jerseys combined into one jersey. Any questions please contact us by email at mysizejersey@gmail.com


  1. I am interested in getting a split jersey Barkley from the Giants and Bell from the Jets. Both number 26 and it can read BARBELL on the back. Please let me know if this can be done and how much it would be.

    1. Yes we an provide

      How to Order Custom Split Sports Jerseys

      Siam Trading Post & My Size Jersey are always happy to do split custom jerseys. Here is the instructions for how to order a split jersey.
      1. Go to mysizejersey.com and look at our jerseys offered.
      2. Select the first jersey (Right Shoulder/ Sleeve) (Or Front for Front/Back split) that you would like (and place the order with correct size and shipping option, name and number.
      3. Select the second jersey (Left Shoulder/ Sleeve) (Or Back for Front/Back split) that you would like (and place the order with correct size and shipping option, name and number.
      4. After shopping is done go to account checkout, within the checkout process for the order is a notes to seller shipping notes area. Enter the request for a split jersey.
      5. Complete check out and pay for your order.
      6. We will then place both jerseys into production but the names, numbers and logos will be customized so they look better and will join and match up closer.
      7. Once completed the jersey will be cut and the two sides jointed together. Whatever is on the half of the jersey will be on your finished jersey. Any logos, names and numbers that are along the center line will be move to the team side when possible. We want to keep as much of the jersey as we can, sometimes this means moving logos or resizing so everything looks great. These are true custom split jerseys not two jerseys cut and stitched back together.
      Split Jersey pricing is based upon mens sizes, if you want a youth, ladies, or infant size the will be charged the mens small size fee. Just enter the size information in the notes to seller. (Youth, Infant, Ladies)
      Clients will pay the normal jersey fee and shipping charge for each jersey. No added surcharges for the split jersey fee. It takes two regular jerseys to produce one split jersey. You will be shipped one completed finished split jersey.
      Your order will be processed and a email message will be sent to you confirming the information and the jersey that you want. The jersey will then be produced 10 to 14 days, once completed it will be shipped to you. Another email will be sent with your shipping information.
      A few common questions:
      Do I pay for two jerseys? 
      Can you make two Split jerseys from the two jerseys?
      You would think so, but no because it takes more than half the jersey to make a split jersey, also many collar issues.
      Will all the logos and numbers line up and be whole along the split? 
      We will try our best to have everything as close as possible. It depends upon the style use by the teams and the numbers, names etc. in most cases if a logo or name is along the center line we will be moved to the remaining half of the finished jersey.
      Can I select a custom name and or number or numbers?
      Yes we are happy to place whatever name you want on the back, you can even select different numbers for front, back, sides.
      Can you provide front to back splits?
      Yes just request that.
      Can you do all sizes? 
      Yes. Infant, Youth, Ladies, Mens, Big Tall Plus Sizes, we can do all.
      How much to split jerseys cost? 
      It depends upon jersey selected, shipping options, etc. The average is about $179.00 dollars
      If my team or teams is not listed how do I order?
      We have custom links for all sports, use one of them and give us the information in the notes to seller within checkout.
      If you have any questions please email before placing the order.

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